Michelle Olson


Vice President

Michelle Olson’s duties include project management and maintaining compliance for Phoenix Development. She has an Associate of Arts degree in Social Service, from Golden Valley Lutheran College, as well as an Associate degree in Banking from the American Institute of Banking. She has recently received her certification in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Property Management.

Michelle’s past work experiences includes 18+ years in Construction and Development Finance, where she originated construction and development loans for the area builders and developers in the Twin Cities market of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has also worked as a loan originator for home loans for 2+years, also in Minneapolis.

Her volunteer activities have included working on the Builders Outreach Foundation, the charitable arm of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, of which she was instrumental in the startup of 18 years ago. She has also served on the board of directors for the Builders Association of the Twin Cities for two full terms, one term of her service included work as an executive committee member. During her years of volunteer work at the Builders Association she also was instrumental in starting the Women’s Council for the association. This Women’s Council has since been recognized nationally for their volunteer activities, mentorship programs and member growth and retention.

Her current volunteer activities include working as a docent with the Laguna de Santa Rosa and singing in her church choir. She lives in Santa Rosa, California.